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Tailor-made Single Stage Hydraulic Cylinder Customization

Tailor-made Single Stage Hydraulic Cylinder Customization

A range of quality hydraulic cylinders designed and manufactured to suit today's intensive hydraulic demands. Features include: •Hard chromed piston rod for superior corrosion resistance. •Seamless steel tube accurately honed to promote seal life and ensure smooth operation. •High precision CNC machines, 3D measurement systems, 100% Robot welding, certified welders, 100% test pressure, full material traceability, material certificates, in-house blasting and paint workshop.

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For each project and order where a new drawing is produced, our engineers review and verify all data to make sure the hydraulic cylinder is fit for purpose, and ensuring full control of processes and delivery.

Optimal protection against corrosion depends on both the specific use of the cylinder and its environment. The correct choice of material and a suitable corrosion value of the surface treatment are therefore crucial to the cylinder lifespan. We offer a wide range of paint and surface treatments, treating both batch and customised products for every purpose.

Our tailor-made manufacturing services include:

·         Heavy duty

·         Telescopic

·         Tie rod

·         Welded style

·         Trunion mount

·         Flange mount

·         Clevis mount

·         Position sensor cylinder


Single Stage Hydraulic Cylinder tailor-made processing:designed drawing or following datas.

a. Bore size

b. Stroke length

c. Rod diameter

d. Mounting type

e. Mounting length

f.  Color requirement

g. Type of structure (piston, telescopic)

h.  Working pressure

Piston diameter30-300(mm)

Piston rod diameter16-150(mm)

Installation lengthMax. 3000(mm)

Stroke lengthMax. 10000(mm)

Seals kit: from famous brand, durable and hard-wearing with long service life. 

Heat treatment: Quenching & Tempering which makes the piston rod super high hardness.





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