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Multi-step Hydraulic Cylinder For Mining Machinery Three Stages

CNC machining technology, Automated welding processes, 100% oil tested, Automated painting, High quality welded hydraulic cylinders are manufactured under ISO 9001:2008. Cylinder bodies are of damage resistant heavy wall construction with corrosion resistant nickel plating. Piston rods are precision machined, hardened and chrome plated to provide maximum wear life. Heavy duty construction. Made of quality materials for long lasting reliable service. Many mounting styles and rod ends.

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Tonghesheng Hydraulic is a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer with extensive experience in building custom hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic components. We build anything from single, double acting or telescopic cylinders.THS Hydraulics cylinders are perfectly suitable for industries such as waste, forestry, transportation, agriculture, material handling, construction and oil & gas. 


Our custom manufacturing services include:

     •Heavy duty


     •Tie rod

     •Multi-step style

     •Welded style

     •Trunion mount

     •Flange mount

     •Clevis mount

     •Position sensor cylinders

Product Services:

raw materials Cutting Forging Rough machining Shot blasting Heat treatment Testing Fashioning Cleaning AssemblyPackingShipping





  • Auto Lifts


  • Mining

  • Gas and Oil Industries

  • Marine

Material Handling

  • Forklifts

  • Lift Tables

  • Scissor Lifts

Snow Equipment


  • Tractors

  • Farm Implements

  • Harvesters

  • Hay balers

Truck and Trailer

  • Ladder Trucks

  • Dump Trailers

  • Liftgates

  • Aerial Trucks

  • Cranes


  • Wheel loaders

  • Excavators

  • Forklifts

  • Bulldozers

Waste Management

  • Garbage Trucks

  • Compactors & Balers

  • Hoist Trucks

Mining Machinery Multi-step hydraulic cylinder

Multi stage hydraulic ram
3 stage hydraulic cylinder
Three stage hydraulic cylinder

Max.Cylinder Bore280mm
Min.Cylinder Bore 10mm
Max.Piston Rod Dia.280mm
Min.Piston Rod Dia.10mm
Max.Retract Length3500mm
Min.Retract Length50mm
Max.Stretch LengthSingle stage cylinder 6500mm
Multistage cylinder 12500mm
Min.Stretch Length 60mm
Max.Working Pressure4500PSI
Min.Working Pressure1000PSI
Working Pressure of Heavy-duty Cylinder7500PSI

1.Custom design.
2.High quality parts, bearing, seals.
3.15 years large hydraulic cylinder experience, some of our engineers had worked in this field for 10 years.
4.Competitive price, fast delivery. ISO9001: 2008 quality certificate.


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